My Story

Welcome to the home of Charlotte Akred Makeup Artist- the product of years of passion and ambition to work within the makeup artistry industry.

As far back as I can remember, I have lived and breathed all things creative and artistic. During my earlier years, I discovered the magic of the theatre, and was most likely to be found on the stage. As my love of the theatre developed, I wanted to know more about how the actors I admired so much created their characters, and I began to discover just how much goes on behind the scenes. Behind the actors there is a whole team of people creating the image of the character the audience invests in. There are props masters, set designers, costume designers, wig makers, makeup artists- makeup artists, now there was something I’d never considered, my interest was sparked and I instantly had to know more. I began to research, and spent as much time as possible practicing different styles and techniques, and quickly found that my interest was not left at the stage door.

During my first year of university, where I studied creative and performing arts, I discovered the wonders of YouTube, and began learning from various online tutorials. A year later, whilst researching theatrical makeup for a university project, I came across a drag tutorial on a YouTube channel called ‘Pixiwoo’, run by famous makeup artist sisters Sam and Nic Chapman (now Haste), and an obsession was born.

I quickly found that I was learning more than I ever thought achievable, without classical makeup training. The perfect smoky eye, a classic red lip, creating a contour, the right foundation for different skin types, the finer points of colour theory, you name it, I learned it! I would complete my uni work by day, and rush home in the evenings to practice whatever skills the Chapman sisters had taught me that week. Luckily, being at performing arts school meant I was never short of friends willing to model- no matter how dramatic the look!

Upon graduating from university and returning home to Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, I did what every responsible young graduate does, and found myself full time employment at a health spa, and later moved into a marketing role at the local college. However, wherever my career took me, I could never quite shake my fascination with makeup artistry. Although at the time I was not what you might call a ‘classically trained’ makeup artist, I found myself regularly being asked by friends and family to provide makeup services for important events, including birthdays, Christmas parties, and even weddings. I was honoured that people considered my talent worthy of the most important day of their lives- and were even willing to pay for my services! It was at this point that I realised I may be able to turn my passion into a career.

So I decided to reach out to those who had already taught me so much, and contacted the Pixiwoo team. In the years since I had discovered their channel, the Pixiwoo brand had grown remarkably, and the Chapman sisters, with the help of their friend and fellow professional makeup artist Stacey Oakes, had begun to teach intensive courses at their studio in Norwich. Not 24 hours after my initial enquiry, Stacey contacted me with the offer of a place, and I found myself taking the first step towards making my dream a reality!

I completed the intensive Pixwoo makeup artistry course, and haven’t looked back since. Through Sam, Nic and Stacey’s expert instruction, I learned more than I thought possible, not only about makeup application, but about the heart, passion and ambition needed to make it as a makeup artist.

Upon completing the course, I set to work creating my dream business- and Charlotte Akred Make-Up Artist was born! I set out on a mission to provide top quality make-up services, helping people from all over the East Midlands to look, and feel, like the best possible version of themselves.